Children’s Learn to Swim at FIS and Yishun Swimming Complex and Private Condo

children in pool

We provide SwimSafer lessons from stages 1 to 6 in accordance to the syllabus established by the National Water Safety Council (NWSC).

Our Alphaswim syllabus is designed to help students learn to swim all four strokes with proper stroke techniques. It incorporates water safety and lifesaving elements which makes our programme a holistic one.

We also incorporate the Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards in our syllabus which is organised by Singapore Swimming Association. We aim to raise the level of swimming proficiency of students and provide a talent pool for the next generation of Singapore competitive swimmers.


Each lesson lasts 50 minutes
​Class sizes 6-10.


Each lesson lasts 50 minutes
​Class sizes 8-10.

Weekdays: $25/lesson (Current promotion: 3 months 5% discount)

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes
​Class sizes max. 10

Yishun Swimming Complex:
$70 per month (No lesson on 5th week and public holidays)

Each lessons lasts 50 minutes
​ Class sizes max. 10

Private Condo:
$280 for 4 lessons ( 1 to 1)

Other group sizes available
Each lessons lasts 50 minutes