Alphaswim is a swim school that focuses on providing quality children’s swimming lesson and adult swimming lesson as well as training swim coaches with efficient teaching methods. We provide lessons to all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Our syllabus incorporates lifesaving elements and survival skills into learning of the six key swiming strokes.





‘Coach Ken is systematic in his teaching and tailors the lessons to the students. By progressing according to the ability of the students and encouraging them at the right time, he is able to quickly build water confidence in them. Observant and attentive, he is quick to pick out any mistakes my child makes during swimming and corrects it before it becomes a habit.’
Mr Chua Boon Suan
‘Ken is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in teaching swimming. My child’s strokes and stamina has greatly improved after taking only a few lessons from him.’
Ms Jessica Lim
‘Since I’ve transferred my daughter, she has shown great improvement under Ken’s guidance. Celine always looks forward to his lesson and i can tell from her expression that she enjoys it very much. I respect him for that and what he has done for my daughter personally.’
Jimmy See
‘This is a wonderful place for children to learn swimming, with experienced and patient coaches. Mr. Ken is a responsible, kind, caring and loving person. His prime concerns are the security, health and happiness of learn of his students. He insisted to install water heaters in all bathrooms in school, because of his caring decision, even in the winding, cloudy or raining day I feel reassured to let my son swim. The children won’t have a cold with a hot bath after swim in a very cool weather. Because of he really cares, and he is running the swimming school with his heart, he made the wise decision. As a parent I really appreciate that.’
Cherry Chen
‘Excellent place to enrol your child for swimming lessons. With well certified and experience coaches around,patiently coach their swimmers,shower with love in coaching,especially Mr Ken coach,he is the BEST Coach ever that coach my son who can swim so well now just within a year plus. Thank you. Proud to be a swimmer here.’
Leslie Tay Bak Seng
‘Fabulous, Wonderful and Awesome. ..the best words that I could praise . My son, Evan Tay refused to take up any swimming lesson at the beginning so I bought him to view in May 2015. He loves the place so much and he stayed there to watch and observed the lesson conducted, at least an hour. Though his observations, the perfectionist and patience coach Mr.Ken impressed my son, leaves him with confidence and secure to learn swimming from him &immediately we enrolled him to start 1st lesson on the following week in May 2015. It’s been 1 year already and my son swim extremely well and fast that hardly believed with my own eyes. He loves swimming from then on and he enjoys to go swimming every week. He will go earlier to practice his swim strokes at least half an hour before his lesson started. My son feels proud to be able to swim within a year. He always shared with me the new swim style that he had learned. He say”Coach Ken’s swim school makes me swim like a dolphin ” and he really swim with full confidence. He build himself a stronger, braver and strengthen his self-confidence too. Now, Evan turns to be stronger and healthier and won’t fall ill so frequently as before. Thank you for your great coaching. You are the BEST! I’ll give my fullest support and will continue refer to more parents to bring in new swimmers.’
Felicia Ong
‘Fantastic swimming school. Good child friendly coaches with generous lesson times which I could not find anywhere else. Keep up the good work guys…’
Senthil Kumar
‘Professional and patient Mr.Ken who makes swimming as a fun sport. My girl loves swimming and look forward to the lesson every week. She enjoys swimming in a big pool now as coach tends to build her water confidence.’
JJ Joey