Adult Swimming Lesson

Adult Program – Adult Swimming Lesson in Singapore

Our lessons are available in public swimming complexes and private condominiums.

Adult Swimming Program

Adult learners, don’t fret! It’s never too late.

We have swimming lessons catered to adults as well. Learn how to swim, as well as master handy lifesaving and water survival skills.

Our adult swimming lessons will bolster confidence in adults to get in the water with all the necessary skills and techniques to safely enjoy swimming.

Man Swimming Breaststroke

What’s Covered

In the adult swimming lessons, we will train you on all aspects to get into the water yourself safely and confidently. Here’s what will typically be covered:

• Water confidence
• Treading water
• Basic swimming strokes
• Support and guidance

Man Swimming Freestyle

Swimming Lesson Fees

Our fees differ from coach to coach. Here is are the estimated fees you can expect.

Group Classes – Weekdays

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.
Class size max 10.
$20 / lesson ($80 / month)

Group Classes – Weekends

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.
Class size 8 – 10.
$25 / lesson ($100 / month)

Private Lessons – 1 to 1

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.
1 coach to 1 student
$70 / lesson ($280 / month)

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